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Synthetic/Human Hair Blend Wigs in Toronto

Synthetic Human Hair Wigs in Toronto, Canada

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Synthetic human hair blend wigs are extremely popular due to their natural appearance and lower cost compared to other types of wigs. The typical synthetic wig contains 30 percent human hair and 70 percent synthetic hair. Before you purchase human hair blend wigs, keep in mind that the percentage of synthetic to human hair can vary according to style and brand.

What Are the Main Advantages of Wigs Containing Partial Human Hair?

The biggest thing people notice when they buy human hair blend curly wigs is that the hair in the wig looks like natural hair and is easy to style. A combined synthetic wig material and human hair wig is lighter than a wig made entirely of human hair but heavier than one constructed from 100 percent synthetic hair.

Some people have a strong preference for one type of wig or the other. However, buying full-lace human hair blend wigs has its own advantages.
Some of the top ones include:

  • Blended wigs hold a hairstyle longer before you need to re-do it.
  • These are typically the most inexpensive of all wig types.
  • Wigs made from a combination of synthetic and human hair are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Synthetic wigs can withstand heat from curling irons and blow dryers quite well without you noticing any damage.
  • You can wear your new wig right out of the box with little to no styling required.

If you are considering adding a synthetic wig to your beauty options, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with a stylist at Gab’s Wigs. Your stylist will explain each type of wig and allow you to try them on to get a feel for what you would look like once you get the wig back home.
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Possible Disadvantages to Consider

As with all beauty decisions, you need to carefully consider some possible disadvantages of purchasing and wearing a synthetic wig. For one thing, synthetic hair and human hair have different lifespans. That means one half of the wig could wear out sooner than the other half.

You should also understand that the human hair portion of your wig will react to weather conditions the same way that natural hair does. Wearing your synthetic wig on a hot and humid day could result in the human hairs on the wig sticking to your skin. Prolonged exposure to cold air could make the human hairs grow brittle and break off. However, you should not have any problems if you pay attention to the weather and plan accordingly for which wig to wear.

The last possible downside to consider with wigs containing both human and synthetic hair is that they can be challenging to maintain. Again, you should be fine as long as you put the time and effort into keeping the hair contained within the wig clean and stylish.

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