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Hair Loss Causes, Medical Reasons And Human Hair Wigs

Hair Loss Causes, Medical Reasons And Why Human Hair Wigs Are The Best Solution?

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Hair loss, also referred to as alopecia, is one of the most common disorders that usually gets diagnosed and treated by dermatologists.

Let’s examine how both men and women undergo hair loss and how it changes their lives!

While it’s perfectly normal to lose some hair- we lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day because our bodies are constantly growing new hair and shedding the old. This is not a sign of alopecia. Natural hair growth overcomes this loss of hair in daily life. On the other hand, overall thinning, a receding hairline, or a bald spot are signs of hair loss. Often, the hair loss could become irreversible.

Traditionally cited reasons for hair loss

There are several reasons for hair loss- there are also some old wives’ tales that are not true. Some of these myths are:

  1. Baseball caps cause hair loss. The truth is, you may end up with hat hair, but you won’t lose your hair.
  2. Swimming in chlorinated or salt-water causes hair loss. Your hair may dry out, but it won’t fall out.
  3. Sunscreen causes hair loss. Your hair will not fall out if you use sunscreen on your scalp- but it will protect your scalp from sunburn which could be more important in some cases.
  4. Hair dryers cause hair loss. Your hair may become more brittle, but it won’t fall out.

Below, we’ll look at the signs/symptoms of hair loss, the most common reasons for hair loss, and why you should choose wigs from Gabi’s Wigs as a hair replacement solution.

Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss

Depending on the cause of hair loss, it may appear in a variety of ways. It may be sudden, or it may be gradual. It may affect only your scalp or it may affect your entire body. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of hair loss include:

Circular/patchy bald spots

Sometimes hair loss occurs in circular or patchy bald spots. Many times, the skin becomes itchy or inflamed prior to the hair falling out.

Gradual thinning on top of head

This is the most common sign/symptom of hair loss. In men, hair typically recedes at the hairline on the forehead. In women, there’s typically a broadening of the part on top of the head.

Scaly patches spreading over the scalp

Typically, scaly patches accompanied by hair loss is due to ringworm. This is typically temporary, and the hair will grow back once the ringworm is gone.

Sudden loosening of hair

A shock, whether physical or emotional, can cause the hair to loosen from the scalp. You may have clumps of hair falling out when combing or washing your hair or when it’s gently tugged on.

Full body hair loss

Certain conditions and medical treatments cause hair loss- but typically, it will grow back if this is the case.

Common Reasons for Hair Loss

Some of the actual reasons for men’s hair loss are as follows:


Androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is caused by the genes you inherit from your parents. At this time, it is unclear how it is inherited, but we do know that it tends to run in families. So, if you have close male relatives that are experiencing hair loss, you probably will too.

The medical community doesn’t understand why certain hormonal changes cause the shrinking of hair follicles or why balding gradually happens in the same pattern for most men- but it typically starts with a thinning above your temples and crown.

Depending on your family history, balding may start as early as the teens. Hair doesn’t just get thinner, but also softer, finer, and shorter.

Medical Causes leading to hair wigs

hair_loss_in_women-in-a-Wigs-storeHair loss due to

  • Thyroid issue
  • Dietary insufficiency
  • Diabetes or lupus
  • Hair loss due to Stress
  • Various Medications

Temporary hair loss can be indicative of a medical issue such as thyroid problems or anemia. You may also experience thinning hair due to consuming a diet low in iron and protein. If you have diabetes or lupus, your risk of hair loss is increased.

Hair loss may also be a side effect of certain medications for the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Gout
  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment may also cause hair loss, but it will typically grow back after the treatment ends.During this time, you could wear a chemo wig to cover your enforced baldness.

Here are some of the more frequent reasons for hair loss that we have usually come across at our wig store in Toronto.

Hair loss due to Stress

Things like the flu or high fever, sudden/excessive weight loss, surgery, and severe physical/emotional shock can cause hair loss that lasts for several months.

Scalp Infections leading to hair loss

Infections such as ringworm can cause scaly patches on your scalp, which can cause hair to fall out. Typically, the hair will grow back after treatment.

Your Immune System rejecting your hair follicles

If you experience hair loss that causes round bald spots around your head, you have a genetic condition known as alopecia areata. This often begins in childhood and your risk of developing it increases if a close family member has it.

If you have alopecia areata, your own immune system attacks your hair follicles. You will not have any pain or other sickness and it’s not contagious. In some cases, the hair will grow back, but it’s just as likely to fall out again.

Impulse Control Disorder or Trichotillomania

Approximately 1% to 2% of adults and teens have a condition known as trichotillomania, which is the urge to pull out their own hair.

How to disguise hair loss?

Here are the top ways to disguise hair loss for both men and women.

  • Grooming
  • Wear Wigs


Certain hairstyles, such as tight ponytails, braids, or cornrows where the hair is pulled tightly against the scalp can cause temporary hair loss. This is known as traction alopecia.

Wear Wigs

By wearing the right wigs, you’ll be able to pick your hairstyle and hair color to suit your personality.

Top Reasons to Wear Wigs

Couple_with_Wigs_torontoThere are several reasons why you should choose a wig as a solution to your hair loss.

  • Wigs Disguise Hair Loss
  • Wigs are Convenient
  • Wigs Offer Unlimited Styles
  • Wigs doesn’t have side effects
  • Wigs Protect Natural Hair

1. Wigs Disguise Hair Loss

First and foremost, wigs are a great solution if you are experiencing hair loss. As mentioned, hair loss is common, but many people want to disguise their hair loss. A wig or hairpiece can give you a quick self-esteem boost.

2. Wigs are Convenient

Many people find that maintaining their natural hair takes a lot of time and effort. A wig, on the other hand, doesn’t require as much maintenance, which is why so many people opt for wigs over their natural hair.

3. Wigs Offer Unlimited Styles

If you’ve ever wanted to do something dramatic with your hair but don’t want to commit to it, a wig is a great option. You get to try the dramatic hairstyle, and if you don’t like it, simply take it off. You are not stuck.

4. Wigs doesn’t have side effects

Often, we have seen reports of hair regrowth medication or treatment having unforeseen side effects. In comparison, human hair wigs don't have any long-term side effects. These would also make your hair look great.

5. Wigs Protect Natural Hair

When you constantly style and color your natural hair and expose it to the elements, it can become damaged. By wearing a wig, you protect your natural hair, giving it a break from those things.

6. Wigs Boost Your Confidence

No matter what you’re doing, a good hair day makes everything better- and every day is a good hair day when you wear a wig. You don’t have to stress over trying to style your natural hair- a wig always looks good.

7. Wigs are Fun

Wigs allow you to spice up your style and try out different personas. If you enjoy dressing up, try wearing a wig for special occasions, Halloween, and other events to step out of the box and try something new.

8. Choose Gabi’s Wigs for Your Next Wig

If you are in or near Toronto, consider Gabi’s Wigs for all of your wig needs! We are here to serve you. Our hours are Sunday, 12 Noon to 4 PM, Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 6 PM, and Friday 9 AM to 4 PM. We offer human hair wigs and medical wigs in a variety of styles. We will be happy to work with you until we find a wig that suits you best.

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