Wigs for Effects of Cancer Treatment

Wigs for Effects of Cancer Treatment

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Cancer Treatment

Losing ones hair due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can often be an added stress and worry to an already difficult situation. A recent study revealed that nearly 60% of women consider the loss of their hair one of the most dreaded side effects they face when undergoing treatment for cancer.

Wearing a wig is a way for a cancer patient to cope with the loss of their hair during, and post treatment.

With our years of experience, we at Gabi’s Wigs are highly qualified to provide you with an expert consultation on finding a wig that will suit your needs.

With our assortment of natural wigs, from EUROPEAN HAIR, to HIGH QUALITY HUMAN HAIR to SYNTHETIC / HUMAN HAIR BLEND, and our expertise in measuring, picking out styles and styling, it is our goal to make you feel and look beautiful during this challenging time.

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