Wigs for Alopecia

kids wig, children wig Here at Gabi's Wigs we specialise in dealing with wigs for those who have alopecia. We understand that you are suffering from a medical condition and we provide high quality human hair wigs that serve as a long term solution. Our focus is not on selling low quality, cheap temporary wigs, but wigs that will make you look as good as you did before and make even better! A carefully wig can be virtually undetectable and last you for a while.

Alopecia is a disease that affects the hair follicles and causes hair loss. In most cases, the hair can fall to strands, leaving hairless areas the size of a coin. Many people with this disease only have a few areas of baldness, some people may lose more hair, and others may even suffer the total loss of hair or all the hair on the face and body. With our years of experience, we can provide you with expert consultation on the wig that suits your needs, depending on your condition. We have expertise in measuring, picking out sizes, and many more aspects to help you find exactly what you need!