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Are human hair wigs hot?

"Are human hair wigs hot? Human hair wigs serve various purposes, offering a fresh look and protecting natural hair. They are particularly beneficial for concealing hair loss, providing an alternative while waiting for natural hair to regrow. However, a common concern is whether human hair wigs tend to be hot during wear. This is a valid question, and it's crucial for wig wearers to be well-informed. If discomfort arises with a specific wig type, it's essential to know how to stay cool and comfortable. Recognizing the diversity in wig types and constructions is key to ensuring a pleasant experience.

At Gabis’s Wigs, our commitment extends beyond providing top-quality, realistic human hair wigs for men, women, and kids; we also prioritize educating clients and addressing their key questions about hair wigs.

Do Hair Wigs Make you feel Hot?

The impact on your comfort level depends on the type of wig you choose and its construction, with some wigs possibly feeling hot in the summer.

Wigs come in synthetic or original human hair options, and the quality and weight of the lace material used in construction vary. These factors significantly influence how a wig feels during wear. To ensure optimal comfort, it's essential to select a high-quality wig made from natural human hair with premium lace material. Additionally, confirming that the wig matches your head size is crucial for a comfortable experience.

Types of Wigs

First-time wig buyers may find it challenging to select the ideal wig for their requirements in the vast world of hairpieces. To make informed decisions tailored to your fashion or hair loss needs, seeking expert guidance is crucial. Let's explore the basics of different types of wigs.

  • Ready-to-Wear vs Custom Wigs

Ready-to-wear or pre-made hair wigs are ready for immediate use, arriving pre-styled and complete with caps, straps, and a predetermined cut. These wigs offer a range of styles to suit individual preferences, requiring minimal adjustments. On the other hand, those seeking a more personalized option can choose custom wigs.

  • Full Lace Wigs vs Lace Front Wigs

In a full lace wig, the lace covers the entire head, and human hair is intricately knotted into it by hand. On the other hand, a lace front wig features lace that covers only the front section of the head.

For wig beginners, lace front wigs are a recommended starting point due to their easy to wear, and enhanced comfort compared to full lace wigs. The choice between lace front and full lace wigs also depends on your hair loss extent.

Choosing the Right Base Material

For a cool and comfortable experience, it's essential to consider the type of base material. Various materials, such as welded lace, Swiss lace, single monofilament, double monofilament, and more, are used. The base material plays a crucial role in crafting realistic hair wigs, ensuring the scalp can breathe and stay cool. Depending on the amount of natural hair you have, selecting the appropriate material is key.

Investing in the right type of hair wig ensures comfort, especially during hot weather. If you're planning outdoor activities in the summertime, follow these tips to stay cool and comfortable in your wig:

How to Manage Wigs in Summer?

Opt for Short Wig Styles:

  • During warmer months, managing long hair can be challenging. Choose short-length hair wigs to stay cool and comfortable. Bob wigs, available in various styles, including short, A-line, graduated, and layered, are ideal for outdoor activities.

Choose a Lighter Color Hair Wig:

  • Dark colors absorb more heat, so opt for lighter-colored hair wigs to stay cool in summer. Consider shades of brown over black or dark colors. Vibrant colors like green, violet, yellow, red, or orange absorb less heat.

Regularly Wash Your Hair Wig:

  • Specialists recommend frequent washing during summer to prevent excess oils and sweat buildup. Cleaning your human hair wig after 8-10 wears keeps it light and your scalp cool.

Opt for Breathable Wig Caps:

  • The design of the wig cap influences scalp comfort. Choose wigs with hand-tied wig caps for built-in breathability features, ensuring your scalp stays cool during warmer months.

Choose a Hair Wig with Lace:

  • Opt for a human hair lace wig during summer for breathability. High-quality lace is softer and lighter, blending seamlessly for a natural look.

Limit Styling Tool Use:

  • While human hair wigs can be styled, limit the use of tools like curling irons during warmer months. Excessive heat can make the wig uncomfortable, and regular styling inhibits natural oil production, leading to dryness.

Use Accessories:

  • Beat the heat with accessories like headbands, hair clips, and sunglasses. Keep hair off your forehead with headbands or clips, enhancing comfort and style. Consider a ponytail for a neat look, and wear sunglasses for added comfort in hot weather.

Stay cool and comfortable while preserving the longevity of your hair wig by implementing these summer care tips. For a diverse collection of high-quality wigs, visit Gabi’s Wigs, offering options for men, women, and children dealing with alopecia, thyroid issues, or cancer. Our cool cap constructions ensure a comfortable experience throughout the summer.


Some wigs can feel warm, especially in hot weather, but you don't have to compromise comfort. Just choose the right wig based on hair type, length, base material quality, and cap construction to find your ideal match. If you still have a question on “Are human hair wigs hot?” or want hand-crafted wigs made from 100% original human hair, contact our hair professionals at Gabi’s Wigs, Toronto, Canada. You can call us at (416) 787-3129 to schedule an appointment. Your ideal wig journey begins now!


Are all human hair wigs prone to feeling hot during wear?

No, the heat level varies based on factors like wig type, length, and base material. Choosing the right wig ensures comfort, even in hot weather.

What factors contribute to the heat discomfort of human hair wigs?

Construction, material quality, and length impact heat. High-quality lace, shorter styles, and breathable caps can mitigate heat issues.

How can I choose the right type of wig to stay cool in hot weather?

Opt for shorter styles, lighter colors, and wigs with breathable caps. Consider lace front wigs for enhanced comfort during summer.

Do lace front wigs offer better breathability compared to full lace wigs?

Yes, lace front wigs cover only the front, allowing better airflow. They are often preferred for a cooler experience, especially in warm weather.

Is the length of the wig a crucial factor in determining its heat level?

Yes, longer wigs may feel warmer. Choosing short styles, like bob wigs, helps manage heat and enhances comfort during hotter months.

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